My Career Path

I chose my course topic to be my career path. The reason why I chose the course topic to be my career path, is because throughout this semester, it is something that will be occupying a lot of my time and thoughts, as I am one semester away from graduating from Washington State University. Upon graduation, I hope to work within a parks and recreation department in Quincy, Washington or somewhere near Quincy, which is where I was raised my entire life. I gained interest to work in parks and recreation after being a part time employee for the City of Quincy when I was 18 years of age. I really liked the idea of alternating between office hours but also being able to drive around town and not having to be stuck in the office all day.


Throughout my career as a student, I’ve captured various photographs that I’ve obtained through practicum hours that I’ve had to do through my major, sport management. I have also met a lot of people within the career path I plan to obtain, which can facilitate the process of me obtaining recordings and video footage. Throughout three semesters, I’ve had to complete 180 practicum hours for my major, where I’ve completed with three different organizations that have all had to do with my major. Those three organizations have been Pullman Parks and Rec, Lincoln Middle School and YMCA Special Olympics.


When it comes to ideas on what to do for the unit projects, I immediately thought of creating a logo associated to parks and recreation that could potentially go on websites or applications and overall places that would generally carry an organization’s logo. Another idea I had for a unit project would be the creation of a poster that showed all of the things that a parks and recreation department does.


Pullman Parks and Recreation Website

The Importance of Parks and Recreation

These quotes were not only applicable to parks and rec, but to life as well

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